Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Beer Tasting: Speakeasy Brewing Untouchable Pale Ale

This pale ale is from Speakeasy Ales & Lagers of San Francisco, CA. It was purchased in a 12 ounce bottle from Ron's Schoolhouse Grille in Uwchlan Township, PA. Bryan's Notes:
  • a very approachable ale
  • medium-bodied
  • not an overwhelming aroma, but pleasant
  • a respectable, low on hops, good "gateway" beer
Adam's Notes:
  • nice clean looking golden
  • light almost fruity ale
  • dry and light with enough hops to make it worthy
  • not something that stands out as different
  • good solid pale ale
  • have a friend try it

1 comment:

David James said...

I agree with Bryan in his opinion that this is definitely a good "gateway" beer for up and coming microbrew afficianados. Maybe a next step after a Sam Adams Boston lager for introducing a friend to the world of micros and craft beer.

I just recently wrote up a beer review of Speakeasy Untouchable Pale Ale and found my notes to be very consistent with yours on the whole. Will try other Speakeasy Ales in future if opportunity arises.