Saturday, July 15, 2006

Beer Event: Belgium Comes To Cooperstown, Day 1 (Night)

2006 Belgium Comes To Cooperstown Festival Good morning from Ommegang! If today turns out to be even better than last night, then you may you see us until Monday! With our spotty wireless service, it's probably better to just give you a quick listing of events, happenings, meetups, and those just generally quirky types of things that happen at beer festivals in the middle of the night. We will probably just put up text for the time being, then update with pictures when we return home. So, here's the recap of last night (to the best of our collective memories ;-) - Ommegang doing complimentary pouring of Rodenbach, Redbach, Duvel, Rare Vos, and Witte - Garrett Oliver working the scene like a pro - A complimentary cask of Fortitude (strong belgian ale, saison? not even Garrett could exactly put a finger on it) showed up on tap from Brooklyn - American Flatbread brewer, Paul, pouring growlers of his Maibock and Pilsner - Sightings of and socializing with Iron Hill, General Lafayette, Troegs, Victory, Heavyweight, Dogfish Head (Matt Webster, anyone?) - Speaking of whom, is Matt Webster real or fiction? Maybe tonight will bear out some more answers on the topic - Street musicians with their one-hit wonder "Fire Song" and their unfinished ode to Tracy - Only to be outdone by mandolin-wielding guy - Pallets, pallets, and more pallets for the never-ending bonfire

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Jeremy said...

Did you see a guy with a Hawk yet?