Sunday, June 17, 2007

24 Hours in Philadelphia

It was a full day, but it was a very good day indeed, almost down to an exact 24 hours. ~ Monk's Dinner (Stoudt's 20th anniversary dinner; more to come soon) ~ Nodding Head ~ Tria Cafe ~ Check out Monk's new location for their Belgian Cafe ~ 4 blocks east to check out future location of Tàbhairne ~ 4.5 mile run ~ Phillies afternoon game and good beers (a win locked up by Aaron Rowand's grand slam against his former team, Chicago White Sox) ~ dinner and beers at For Pete's Sake (why would we want to sit in rush hour traffic?!)...more to come soon on this establishment as well...promise

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applejax said...

Nodding Head had hands down, the most interesting beers at the Iron Hill Brew Fest in May. I see 3 of them are listed on tap on their website. Hoptimus Prime, ich bin ein Berliner Weisse and the Monkey Knife Fight.