Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stoudt's a quick stop and a surprise...

On Saturday after our visit to Union Barrel Works we stopped over at Stoudt's. Gretel Stoudt greeted us from behind the bar. I ordered the Weizen after a little trouble choosing my last pint of the night. As we were talking about the recent Monks dinner Gretel mentioned a new batch of Saison recently brewed but not on tap yet. She asked if we would like a little to taste. Of course I said no. Ok ok...she twisted my arm. ;-) Before I knew it there was a small wine glass of it in front of me. Very nice indeed, delicious even. Thanks Gretel. As I understand it, this is a one off brew. No plans, as of now, to add it to the lineup. I hope I get up there soon to taste it again. Union Barrel Works & Stoudts in one night. All this on the spur of the moment. Who knew! What a great weekend. Did I mention the weather was great?!

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