Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Brew From Flying Dog

Over the past few months, we've made friends with the fine folks at Flying Dog. They've kept us up-to-date with news events and sent us some preview beers to sample before they've hit the market. And, how do we reciprocate? Not a word. Well, that ends now. (not that they really need press from li'l ol' us)

First they sent to us their barrel-aged Gonzo Porter. Then, the Helles Bock. Now, the Woody Creek White has shown up on our doorstep. We've heaped praise on their "regular" Gonzo in the past and the whiskey character in this Wild Dog release adds a little more fun to this already excellent brew.

The Helles Bock is a spring seasonal with a medium body weight that brings forth a dry and bready character with just a slight bitterness in the finish. A nice drinker for sure, it's still a solid beer at 6.2% that leaves you feeling it after just a few.

The Woody Creek White brought forth words like lemon zest tartness...refreshing...lemonade aroma...delicious...worthy of a 6-pack, or even a case here in PA! This was the newest summer seasonal release, named after a contest winner searched out from entries solicited from customers.

What else is Flying Dog up to? They've started up the Open Source Beer Project. Quite interesting, for sure, go check it out and let us know if you decide to participate.

And, they've got a somewhat new blog that they keep up-to-date fairly frequently.

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