Thursday, June 07, 2007

Quick Review: Teresa's Next Door Bar in Wayne, PA

Congratulations, Wayne. You finally have possession of the long-awaited Next Door Bar of Teresa's. Tuesday's soft opening event proved that the parts are all in place for their anticipated public opening on June 11th. While they don't overtly say that they are a Belgian bar, some elements of the food and beer certainly do give you the right Belgian feeling. In the spirit of brevity, for which I'm so well known, here's a quick rundown. ~ No TVs. check ~ No smoke. check ~ 24 taps, 1 hand pump. check ~ More beer celebrities than you could shake a rake at. check, check, check, check, check, check (ha, did I get you with that last one?) ~ Matt Guyer (and keeping it in the family with bartender and sister, Carolyn) working the crowd. check ~ Mussels, a dozen Belgian tap handles, Waterzooi. check ~ Stylish decor and, yes, restrooms too. check After the 6/15 Grimbergen tasting at Beer Yard could be a fun time to stop in and see how they're doing on their first Friday night of business. I'll be in Media doing a 5 mile run, then likely stopping in at Iron Hill and/or Quotations...but you could go to Teresa's, now couldn't you?! Check back over the next few weeks, when we should have a full review. (And yes, my friends that is a picture of the restroom. Hey, it was a talking point during the night, so razz away, I can take it.) P.S. now that I've wasted your time here, go read a better report over here. I knew all of his fastidious note-taking would render a better review than mine.


Jeremy said...

That's my type of review... too the point... which caters well to my short attention span. The picture of the bathroom sink was a nice touch ;-)

Seriously though, I am excited about this place and have high hopes... as I am definately a Belgian beer lover!

Adam said...

Thanks Bryan. Great job! Nice to see the beer brood showed up and gave this place a going over :-)

Dan Bengel said...

Do not forget the 6 page beer list, and the mountain of evil kegs in the basement.

Bryan Kolesar said...

check, check, check :)

yes, the dug-out basement is a thing of beauty with not-to-be-spoken of surprise kegs to be revealed in the near future!

thanks, Dan