Monday, June 18, 2007

Brewing Beer: Father's Day, a day to brew.

What a weekend! Decided this would be a good weekend to brew a session beer or two.
  • Picked up some supplies and gadgets at The Beer and Wine Emporium on Friday.
  • Saturday put up the yeast starter.
  • Sunday cleaned up one of the new (to me) corney kegs and some carboys
  • Helped Bryan a little while he was working on the hops arbor area
  • Kegged the Strong German Ale in the new keg
  • Brewed an extract batch of Belgian Session beer with wheat and barley malt, belgian candi sugar and some orange peel

Tonight I'll be brewing again. This time it will be the same recipe without the candi sugar and the orange peel. A nice little side by side comparison.

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