Friday, June 08, 2007

Beer Tasting: Bison Reunion Imperial Brown Ale

The Beer: Bison Reunion Imperial Brown
Style: American Brown Ale
Reviews: Beer Advocate Rate Beer
Packaging & Date Stamping: 22 oz. brown bottle; no evident date stamp on bottle

From where & how stored: Shipped via FedEx from Liquid Solutions and stored at 42F since then (1st bottle); stored at 55F (2nd bottle)

Pricing: $4.95 per bottle

Availability: Limited one-time fundraising brew, though, reportedly to be brewed again in 2008 for national distribution (style to be determined)

ABV, IBU, and Other Available Stats:
Bryan's Notes
The Look:
- solid brown appearance
- one-finger head, disappears quickly but can be easily swirled back up (first bottle)
- holy carbonation! (2nd bottle, pictured)....this bottle was stored at closer to 55F and on its side. Would that tend to make it a gusher?

The Aroma:
- medicinal
- cola sweetness
- sambuca
- distracting, not what I expected

The Taste:
- better than the aroma, yet still not what I was expecting for an "imperial Pete's Wicked"
- solid malt flavors; hints of the dry bready, malty flavors I look for in a brown
- medium body

The Verdict: For a good cause, I'll drink several of these. Though, would be interested to find on tap in California and compare. I'm anxious to try another of the bottles that I bought sometime down the road to see if there's any difference. I like brown ales, have a soft spot for Pete's Wicked, and really want to like this. Though, the aroma is very distracting and is hopefully an anomaly. Fortunately, we have another bottle to try down the road.
Adam's Notes
The Look:
- dark oak brown
- persistent head

The Aroma:
- anise
- spicy nose

The Taste:
- big brown ale
- bitter finish
- nutty in the middle

The Verdict: This is interesting, but, as most brown ales it just doesn't make much sense to me. Not sure if that is me or the beer. The jury is out. Need more samples to be sure.

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