Friday, June 01, 2007

The Session #4 - Local Beers, Background Information on General Lafayette in Lafayette Hill, PA

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To further prepare for our visit to General Lafayette in Lafayette Hill, PA tonight, we have some background information for you on the establishment from brewer Russ Czajka. If you dive further into the history on its website, you'll see that the history of the Inn is quite fascinating. =========================================================== The General has been a brewpub for 10 years and the inn is 275 years old. We will be having a 10th anniversary celebration 9/1/07 and releasing our 275 Barleywine. The 275 will be our first bottled beer for sale and we will only bottle 275 bottles. At over 13% ABV it will be a keeper. We probably make 35 to 40 different styles of beer and usually have 10 to 12 on tap, which includes 2 on hand pump and one black beer. We have 4 standards on tap all the time, Germantown Blonde, Raspberry Mead, Sunset Red, & Pacific Pale. The Chocolate Thunder Porter has also become a standard, but it is currently not on tap because we have an Imperial Stout on tap. We brew our specialty beers by the season and are currently ending our Belgian brews and starting to brew summer beers. There is still one Belgian to be released which is the Lafayette's Biere De Framboises. The Framboises is currently still conditioning in the fermenter with 380 pounds of raspberries in a 7 barrel batch. As you know, the food is as good as our beer. We have recently renovated our patio area and it is a great place to sit under the stars and the hop vines with a beer in hand. We also have a 5 room guest house behind the inn, and don't forget about the ghosts. ===========================================================

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