Saturday, June 23, 2007

Brewing Beer: Belgian Style Ales - So Far

Seems like they turned out pretty good. First of all they are just barely a session beer at 5%. I tried them both cold and room temperature. These are much better closer to room temperature. Can't wait until they finish and clear. The orange peel is evident and adds just a bit of zest or hint of citrus. It seems like the Belgian candy sugar dried out the one batch a bit more, but, I won't be able to tell until they're finished. The wheat malt keeps it light, but, flavorful. Didn't really have enough to go into much more detail. If they turn out well, I'll take one of them to Ommegang. Something lighter to have around the RV if we're thirsty ;-) Did I every tell you, "I love brewing!". Saved the yeast slurry from both batches and I'll try to brew again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Are you doing small batch brewing, that is <5 gallons?
I just recently brewed up a Saison and its bottle conditioning now. Looking forward to trying that.

Adam said...

Nope. 5 gallons each.

Hmmm...maybe I should try some small batch brewing.

Cool, a Saison. What yeast did you use? I used the Belgian Ale yeast from White Labs. Let us know how it turns out.