Thursday, February 21, 2008

Catching Up - Wish Me Luck

The last week and a half has been quite a whirlwind of activity for me. Starting with the annual guy's hockey weekend in Pittsburgh two weekends ago to the California trip, it's been filled with work, play, and family. Somehow I've managed to pull it all off and not get sick in the process (knock wood?). Now, final prep for Philly Beer Week is upon me and I've got a notebook full of material from my various stops along the way that I've listed below. Eventually, I'll get to sharing them all with you. In the meantime, I promise to have Toronado and Celebrator pictures out to you by this weekend (can't promise captions, though). Oh, I guess I'm going to a Flyers game tonight, so I won't be getting much of this work done tonight. Always tomorrow... Pittsburgh, PA D's Fathead's Smokin' Joes Los Angeles, CA Father's Office Four Points LAX San Franciso Bay Area, CA Barclay's Trumer Where's Bison? Jackson Liquors Bo's BBQ Toronado Magnolia 21st Amendment Celebrator Party BevMo

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