Friday, February 15, 2008

Catching up...

Wow, is there anything that hasn't been said? In a little over 2 days, plus 3 time zone changes, I had well over 100 entries to read through in my Google Reader (that's just the Beer tag alone), plus numerous other Politics, Sports, Fitness, Friends, etc etc. It's truly amazing how the online beer commentary has skyrocketed, even just in the past few months. Here's some interesting nuggets that my eyes ran across as I caught myself up on the happenings and musings of the beer literati (I'd say illiterati, but unfortunately I can't find anyone worthy of that title today). In all that I read, one particular sentence really jumped out at me. It was from the Stan's dependably excellent site. ".....not sure what he would have written about....." Perhaps I'm feeling a bit melancholy tonight, but that statement sent a twinge of sadness through me. Along the way, I also learned of Lew's birthday (great picture, Jay), that someone might actually like Miller Chill (Jeff, let us know if you find anyone who does), if there's anyone who should've taken his dog to this event it's this guy (lol), Mr. Arthur's closing comments on a hot subject (man, I wish I could've stuck around for the Monk's "after party" earlier this week), and that someone seems to like Garrett's book more than I do (it's in my carry-on luggage this week).

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