Sunday, February 24, 2008

Let's Go For A Run - (a little something different to do during PBW 2008)

Philly Beer Week 2008 Is Coming; Here's another way to join in the celebration. Let’s drink unsurpassed local beers, be merry, and RUN “IN THE PURSUIT OF HOPPINESS.” We’ll burn a few calories as an added bonus. Why not have the best of all worlds? On Saturday, March 8th go for a run with The Brew Lounge and In Pursuit of Ale. Meet Bryan, Suzanne Woods of In pursuit of Ale, and fellow runners at 11am. By 11:30am, we'll take off for a run of approximately 5 miles through the city. Along the way, we'll pass noteworthy beer landmarks, both past and present. The run will conclude at the new Dock Street Brewery. Light food and water will be provided at reserved tables when we arrive. Be sure to bring some cash for beer. So that we all can start together, please RSVP by March 5th. This IS NOT A RACE, nor a fast or challenging exercise. It is a FUN RUN to celebrate Philly Beer Week! There will be opportunity for rest stops along the way, based upon the needs of the group. ** Drop a note to me at and I can provide more detailed information **


Adam said...

I've thought of a way that I can participate. Have you ever pulled a rickshaw? Heheh...just kidding of course.

Get any running pals yet? Lisa ran a race back in college that intertwined beer and running. The Burt Hoovis run

Dan Bengel said...

You made one small mistake in this piece, you run up a tab in a bar, not keep tabs of the bars you run past.