Friday, February 08, 2008

Philly Beer Week: March 12th at TJs in Paoli, PA

Did you hear about a little PBW event that has my name tied to it? Everyone seems to be talking about it except for me. Dunno why. Lew, Jeff, and I had a flurry of conversation about putting an event together; then the details were settled. What next? Well, let's see...Lew put up a spot on his site to mention it; Jeff posted it on TJ's and Beer Advocate's websites; and, I did what? Weird, eh? Anyways, I've been all over the place of late but finally got my act together and have something to say about the evening of March 12th. I'm very excited about it; enough to give up my reservations at a Monk's dinner with Stephen Beaumont on that evening to do this event at TJs. First, it's all of about 4 1/2 minutes from my house (if all lights are green) and it'll be a chance to show off an (almost) embarrassment of beer riches in Philly's western suburbs. When the PBW concept was first announced last year, I first envisioned (and I think a few others did as well) the 10-day event spanning from Dogfish/Stewart's/Iron Hill of Delaware to Flying Fish/Triumph/Tun Tavern in New Jersey to Weyerbacher/Bethlehem & Allentown Brew Works of the Lehigh Valley to Appalachian/Tröegs/Lancaster of the state's Bible Belt and all centered around the crown jewel of Philadelphia. Ambitious, yes...but worthy of demonstrating Philly Beer Week. Well, of course, it all got sucked back to the core of its being: Philadelphia. But, I started to wonder why, oh why, did it seem to become exclusively Philadelphia. As events were being called out, they were virtually, if not all, located within the city proper. Even quality stops just stones throws from the city limits were not hosting events. That just didn't seem right, either. Now we're seeing some events pop up at some higher quality venues outside of the city. That's where Lew, TJ, and I come in on March 12th. It also fits the wallets of those not looking to drop the better part of a c-note on an event. That was another thing that was starting to eat at me; the lack of lower-priced events. That's now taking care of itself too, with many events less than $35 even free/pay as you go. On the 12th, what we hope to accomplish is an event at a high quality suburban establishment showcasing some of the best of what the Delaware Valley craft brewing scene has to offer. And if you haven't sampled some of the innovative beer-inspired cuisine coming out of Jeff's kitchen, we think that you'll be pleased at what this night has to offer. Here's the detailed listing from Philly Beer Week's calendar (and hanging in the TJ's restrooms). Philly-Area Beer: Yeah, We've Got That TJ's Everyday 35 Paoli Plaza, Paoli, PA 6:30 p.m. $25 six-course tasting menu, beers extra. Join nationally-known beer writer Lew Bryson and local beer scene guru Bryan Kolesar of, at one of the hottest new beer bars in the area for a wild waltz through the full breadth of beer produced by local brewers. Bryson and Kolesar will lead you through the local harvest with details, suggestions, and brewery stories, while TJ's kitchen supports it all with a grand presentation of cuisine a la biere. Tickets go on sale February 6; please reserve by March 1.


Adam said...

Guru eh? Has a nice ring to it. Hopefully I'll be able to make it. I guess I have very few excuses since its so close!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear how this goes. Sounds like it will be a great time.

Bryan, when I get back we should race to see who can get to TJs quicker...running down Paoli Pike or you driving from your house..

Bryan Kolesar said...

sweet! You're a runner now, eh? We'll have to go out for a run sometime ;-)

Anonymous said...

I never said anything about running....I think power walking is more of my style..although since TJs is downhill from my house, I could probably run a bit to get there quicker.