Thursday, February 07, 2008

General Sutter Inn for cask-conditioned beer in February

Do not go to the General Sutter Inn on February 29th. They'll be serving cloudy, room temperature, undercarbonated beer. I believe they call it cask-conditioned. Apparently, last month's cask-conditioned event (always scheduled for the last Friday of the month) drew so many people that they'll be moving this once-intimate affair over to the ballroom, spacing out the casks, and having at least one more pourer. Last month, the Ridgeway Oxfordshire Blue and Tröegs Nugget Nectar were both empty in barely more than 90 minutes, leaving a couple of dozen people still waiting in line. Fortunately for them, host Paul Pendyck had some normal beer that he could share with those folks. I'll bet they were relieved. So, you be the judge. Paul was so pleased with the turnout and reception of the beers in January, that he's doing an encore performance in February. If you like to hang out with a bunch of like-minded fun, beer-loving folks drinking cloudy, warm, undercarbonated beer, then head on over to the General Sutter on 2/29. It's the night before the Philly Craft Beer Festival...but, they're not serving any cask beers to my knowledge. p.s. I don't do smarmy too often, but a certain someone suggested I should try. What do you think?

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