Friday, January 12, 2007

Topic of the week: Beer and Wine in PA Supermarkets?

I know some people in the world wouldn't understand this, but, here in Pennsylvania we can't usually buy beer in supermarkets. Archaic? Yes, but, it is something that is part of old PA culture. The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a story about this today. I'm excited because they mentioned that one store that might start selling beer and wine is in my area. Is this the start of something bigger? It may not be a revolution, but, we have seen some other signs as well. A few years ago the laws were changed so that some of the liquor stores could sell wine and liquor on Sundays. How SHOCKING! I know. Hey, we'll take what we can get. (by the way these stores don't sell beer) What do you think? Should the laws be changed? Is it tradition that we can just live with? Should we all move away to another state where beer is running rampant through the isles of grocery stores everywhere? Post a comment and let us know. Thanks to Dennis for passing the article along. NOTE: I added some links to some relevant PA state sites. I also decided to turn it into a topic of the week. We'll let it ride until next Friday. Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement Bureau of Licensing FAQ


Anonymous said...

So is Wegman's just going to be another beer distributor? I suppose that might be somewhat convenient, but it really doesn't solve the problem of having to buy an entire case of beer in PA. We really need places that will sell six-packs or even single bottles so we don't have to shell out $40 just to try the latest craft brew or import.

In addition, supermarkets being able to sell beer will kill most independant beer distributors, with the possible exception of specialty stores like the beer yard in Wayne. Allowing, however, these stores to sell single beers and sixers might help matters so they could concentrate more on beers that the supermarkets would not carry.

Or -- get this crazy idea -- they could allow distributors to sell WINE too.

Adam said...

I honestly don't know. I don't think they would become a distributor. More like a six pack store that serves food and allows consumption and limited beer take out. I'll add some links to the license descriptions.