Sunday, January 28, 2007

Suzanne Woods and the IPA club

What a great, great time at Iron Hill in West Chester, PA last night. More to come on that later today. I had the pleasure of finally meeting Suzanne Woods in person. She's received quite a bit of positive press over the past year as she got the IPA (In Pursuit of Ale) club off the ground here in the Philadelphia area. What started as an initiative to widen her friends' (and strangers') of the female persuasion palate for beer beyond the uninteresting and unadventurous has turned into quite a hit. They have regular meet-ups across the Philly region. Are there possibilities for taking this concept across the country? Who knows? Next time, I'll ask. Our conversation was short as her ride was ready to leave. Keep up the great work, Suzanne and, to our readers, go check out her site. She's a true advocate for better beer!

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