Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Topic of the Week: When beer sucks! Your thoughts.

Yesterday we talked about When beer sucks! Let's keep it going and see how long we can make this list. Beer sucks when...
  • you are surrounded by smokers trying to taste one of your favorite beers
  • you take a sip of beer right after you brushed your teeth
  • Come on! Click that post a comment link! Post as many times as you like.
Our list so far. Beer sucks when...
  • served too cold and you can't really taste it
  • it was left out in the sun for hours
  • your neighbor serves you a 5 year old can of beer (shudder)
  • the glass is too small
  • the glass is too cold
  • glasses are improperly washed. (kills the head and just look nasty)
  • the beer lines are dirty and change the taste of a beer
  • you’ve already had too many and you get the opportunity to try something you’ve been dying to taste
  • you have a cold and can't taste it
  • a brewery poorly executes a style of beer

NOTE: Decided to remove beer brand names. In the summary. You can still find them in the original post and comments. -Adam


Anonymous said...

Please......somebody needs a tounge replacement.......Stoudts Double IPA is awesome!!!!!!

Loren said...

My dear friend Joe,

Please call me when your real brain returns.


That stuff is terrible. You do know what awesome means, right?



Adam said...

I would have to agree that their double IPA isn't bad.

To each their own.

Stonch said...

"you’ve already had too many and you get the opportunity to try something you’ve been dying to taste". I agree, always a total nightmare. Visit my beer blog, Cheers!

Anonymous said...

V....is that you? Get back to PA....the true fertile crescent of beers!

Loren said...

"Get back to PA....the true fertile crescent of beers!"

Perhaps for the Sly Fox Bock Fest.


Unknown said...

In case it got missed, I'll post my annoyance again-beer that's too fizzy, particularly any english ale styles that should practically be flat. Too much carbonation, like cold destroys the taste of any beer.

Adam said...

No worries. We didn't forget. Your comment will be in the next summary post :-) Thanks for posting.

Eli said...

Beer sucks when it doesn't show up in your area as soon as you'd like, despite being sooo close.

Damn you, Nugget nectar, why have you forsaken me!?!?

Adam said...

I sense another beer trade ;-)

Eli said...

I've sent out feelers all over the area, so I'll be getting some soon.

I'd also imagine the logistics, packing and shipping cost of a case or beer would be outrageous.

Adam said...

I'll have to keep you in mind when I'm visiting your area. :-)