Thursday, January 25, 2007

Victory Beer Dinner at Eulogy Belgian Tavern in Philadelphia, PA

I'll bet you might think Monk's is the only Belgian beer bar & restaurant in Philadelphia the way we sometimes write. But along comes faithful reader, Richard, to remind us of an upcoming event that we overlooked across town. I'll be on the "left coast", but it sure does look like a night of tasty delights with appealing food paired with beer we already know and love from Victory. Thanks Richard for the note. If any of you ever have a note you'd like to drop to us, a reminder for an upcoming event that you'd like us to mention, or want to give us a good off-line lashing (I surely doubt it ;-) just do so over at ================================================ Eulogy Belgian Tavern & Victory Beer Dinner January 30, 2007 8:00pm $50/pp Amuse-bouche Warm brie Cheese Beer: Dark Lager (draft) Appetizer Moules Beer (beer Mussels) Mussels cooked in mad king Weiss, with peppers, onion, celery, fresh herb mix, butter, and lemon Beer: Mad King Weiss Salad Duck salad with Spinach and Basil sun dried cranberry, pecans and a white balsamic vinaigrette Beer: Saison Intermezzo Chilled Soup Persimmon and Asian pair puree Beer: Golden Monkey Entrée Steak and Pommes frites New York strip steak topped with angel hair onions and a beer Demi Beer: St Victorious Dessert Belgian Chocolate mouse Beer: Storm King

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