Saturday, January 06, 2007

'Topic of the Week': Week In Review; New Year Predictions

Year-end wrap-ups, resolutions, and predictions usually elicit some passion and spirited debate. But, not here at The Brew Lounge. No, sir-ee, you must all agree with me, save for Adam's comments. I suppose in that way, when all of these predictions come true, we can reflect back and all say in unison: "I told you so" :) Seriously, though, where would be without those seers of future things to come. Along with my lame attempts to predict the future, here were some others (much smarter than I, for the record) who have done similar articles in the past couple of weeks. Some have linked back to us and, for that, we appreciate. Joe Sixpack Jay Brooks wrapup Jay Brooks predictions Jay Hinman of Hedonist Beer Jive The Brew Site wrapup The Brew Site predictions Stan Hieronymous Alan McLeod Lew Bryson The Brew Site

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