Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Topic of the Week: Beer SUCKS! ;-)

Did the title get ya? :-) Well, beer does suck...sometimes. As much as we praise beer here at The Brew Lounge, we all know beer can suck. Here are some examples.
  • when it is served too cold and you can't really taste it (unless its Michelob Ultra)
  • when it tastes like Michelob Ultra
  • when it was left out in the sun for hours (did that myself with a 120 min from DFH, cringe)
  • when your neighbor serves you a 5 year old can of Schaefer (shudder)

See what I mean? ;-) These are some of our thoughts here at The Brew Lounge.

What are yours? Have you ever had a bad experience with beer? Tell us about it.

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Nate said...

Great points. In most of my local pubs, I have to ask for a glass when given a bottled beer. Invariably, they give me an 8 oz glass that was kept in the fridge - so not only will it not hold all my beer bottle (that's important for those sedimenty wheat beers!!), it's freezing cold! I usually have to hold the glass and get the frost off.

The other common problems I get are 1)improperly washed glasses and 2)obviously dirty beer lines. Dirty glasses aren't usually a health concern, but in general they make the beer look less attractive and kill the head. Dirty lines can give an off-flavor that does discredit to the brewer - an otherwise great beer can be ruined by the pub!

Be demanding! Especially at these Pennsylvania prices.

Anonymous said...

It is too easy to say "when it tastes like Coors Light", so I'm going to take another tact:

Beer SUCKS when you go to a great beer bar, say Max's on Broadway in Baltimore, that has beers on tap that you've never even been able to get in a bottle, and hundreds more beers in bottles, and you are salivating to try all the crazy beers. Yet it also happens to be Preakness Day, and you've already had 15-20 Coors Lights, and you're four sheets to the wind. Even so, you've wanted to try that dark, intense beer forever, so you go ahead and order it, and it tastes like sludge because you're so used to the American light lager. And you can't even finish it because it just won't go down. That sux.

Adam said...

Good examples!

What about when you have a cold and can't taste it. The first time I had Moonglow from Victory I didn't realize it, but, I was coming down with a cold. My review of it was skewed a bit. Not to worry I was able to give it another try.

Anonymous said...

When it's a Double IPA from Stoudt's...

When it's ANY beer from Flying Fish or River Horse...

When it's a style a brewery should not even bother attempting to brew...

Brewers who brew basic beer...and brew it perfectly...are those brewers who I will risk trying experimental styles from, knowing for the most part it will be enjoyable.

Did y'all read Lew Bryson's article in the Feb. BA mag? Choice stuff.


Travis said...

I agree with the dirty lines. Nothing sucks more than getting to a bar that serves all commercial beer but one brew. You are all fired up because there is something that is remotely interesting (for me, I get fired up to see Magic Hat or Saranac or 1000 Islands even). So you order a glass while everyone else has ordered bottles of Labatts.

You get your glass and it has the distinct taste of Old Milwaukee. THAT SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

You are right - when I got my first frozen beerglass and the mix of beer+ice "crashed" into my teeth.... brrrr

Michelob Ultra = Expensive Water?

Anonymous said...

Aside from being too cold, it's "ale" that's served super carbonated... I know americans have a penchant for fizz in all their beers, but when you're being served something that might as well be alcoholic soda when it really should only be naturally carbonated, that really drains the authenticity factor down...

Adam said...

Good to hear from outside the US. Keeps us real...ale that is. ;-)