Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just a typical night in Phoenixville?-Part I

What more can I say about a night that featured the kind of beers and the kind of people that you'd like to hang out with? Well, there you have it. I said it all. That was the night in a nutshell. Last night at Sly Fox's Phoenixville, PA location was a night of Southampton Publick House's Grand Cru, Saison Deluxe, Biere de Garde, and 10th Anniversary Old Ale. All of these were brewed in conjunction with Brian O'Reilly at the Royersford location of Sly Fox. Don't know where Brian found the capacity, given that volume close to doubled 2005's output! Brian got his brewing start in Connecticut working with Phil Markowski and has stayed in contact over the years. Phil was back last evening to do a book signing and to sell the four previously mentioned brews in 750ml bottles. Oh, and there was a bit of surprise appearance of the Cuvee des Fleurs that Phil generously broke out from his personal stash. Uh, all I can say is WOW! (I feel like I've been blessed with a bevy of WOW! beers lately. Life is good!) This was such a beautiful, floral interpretation of the Saison, bursting with flavor unlike many I've ever had before. If you stumble across any of this, be sure to send some my way...after you've had a chance to try it first of course! Everyone around the table seemed to agree, as well as these people and these people too. Suffice to say that the beers and the company all contributed to a karma that couldn't be beat. I initially figured one hour total time to get there and pick up some to-go beer, get a book, and have a quick brew and perhaps a bite to eat. (It instead turned into 3 hours!) These kind of unplanned nights without too much hype often provide the most satisfaction. Little did I know that I would run into Patrick, Richard, Brian, Matt, Tom, Rick, Jeanne, Phil, Dell, Joe, and others that I couldn't just walk away from so easily. Thanks to all of you for a great night of camaraderie and great beer. I'll be sure to reciprocate soon. And thanks, Dell, for the 11.2 times 2 gift. You'll see it reviewed here soon.


Adam said...

This is what its all about. Those unexpected moments where it all comes togeter. Great people and great beer!

Anonymous said...

Fresh batch of CdF, correct? Lucky dogs. Brewery only sales I thought, plus a smattering of NYC-LI select stores.

Glorius beer, eh?



Bryan Kolesar said...

Lucky indeed. Glorious, for sure!

I've only been blessed with access to whatever SPH I've been able to find in PA and NYC. The Secret and Double White have long been two of my faves.

It's always been on my list of places to visit, but somehow the timing of wanting to go and the long drive out LIE was just too daunting.

Now, what a smarter guy would do would be to a plan a trip out to SPH right around this time of year (off-season). Maybe catch a special beer dinner. Wish I was a smarter guy ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Loren, you were correct. Phil said it was a fresh batch of CdF...god, it was like being in a spring meadow of flowers and spices.

For this special Monday Tasting Session, I brought a bottle of Scott's three year-old BDG. It was fabulous....better than I remembered.

Cheers - RotsaRuch

P.S. In March, we start our fifth year of Monday Tasting Sessions at SF....a great tradition and a great way to enjoy fine beers with some fine friends.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Thanks Richard,,,,it's good to see Scott's work living on!

I was gonna beermail you and ask what year it was, b/c it had such a completely different flavor and mouthfeel than just his most recent brewing of it....awesome!

Anonymous said...

You guys all suck.

Does anyone know if Scott's Anniversary beer for McKenzie's will ever make it to bottles or...did Bill crap on that project too?

Cheers guys!

Bryan Kolesar said...

uh, heheh! sorry if we're adding salt to the wound here.

All I know about McKenzie now is that the Abbey 6 is on tap, the Vuuve is purportedly still coming in the next few weeks and that Ryan has taken over brewing responsibilities.

Moving ahead with bottling. Dunno, but will inquire next time I get my butt around that place.