Friday, January 26, 2007

Dock Street in Philadelphia, PA - Opening Update

Thanks to the scoop from Scoats over at BA for these promising notes from Dock Street regarding their progress toward reappearing on the Philadelphia Craft Beer Scene after all of these years. It's been a long wait. The neighborhood may not be what a lot of you expect (or maybe it is), but let's make sure they get the support they deserve. ================================================================ Things going on with Dock Street: 1. Switched our contract brewing from FX Matt-Utica to Saratoga Springs 2. Stopped brewing the Bohemian Pilsner 3. Got our zoning/funding for the brewery and restaurant in University City (50th and Baltimore) 4. Got our Building permit - construction starts beginning of February (open in summer) 5. Started kegging the original recipe Amber Ale!!! 6. Brewed the Illuminator Double Bock to be released at the end of February!!! ================================================================

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HanzerBiscuit said...

Great news!! A new Brewery 3 miles from my house is Great News!!