Friday, January 05, 2007

Beer Tasting: Unibroue Ephemere

The Beer: Unibroue Ephemere (Apple)
Reviews: Beer Advocate Rate Beer
Packaging & Date Stamping: 12oz. bottle

From where & how stored: Purchased from Total Wine in Delaware, stored in basement since last year

Pricing: x.xx
Availability: Year-Round
ABV, IBU, and Other Available Stats: 5.5% ABV
Adam's Notes

The Look:
pour it and the head builds and disappates quickly
light orange

The Aroma:
crack the bottle open...I can smell apples, even before the pour
it has a bit an off nose...some sulfur?

The Taste:
the first tastes were not so good
I let it warm and it seeme to improve a bit

The Verdict
It isn't as good as 21st Amendment's Watermelon Wheat that was tasted the same night. In fact it isn't even on the same planet. I honestly don't think I'll ever buy this again. I was hoping it would taste better this time around. Interesting experience, but, not that interesting.

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