Tuesday, May 15, 2007

American Craft Beer Week

The Brewers Association celebrates American Craft Beer Week this week. If you needed a reason to check out your local brew pub(s), this is it. I said "if". Ok, how's this. If you need a reason to take one of the uninitiated to a brewpub, this is it. There that's better. Heck I would suggest even buying them a beer. Maybe it should be called...
Buy Somebody a Craft Beer Week
Buy a Yokel a Local
(ok..ok..I'll stop)
NOTE: If you print out the passport for the Great American Beer Tour, be prepared for some blank stares when you ask the server to endorse it. Seems that the patrons are more in the know especially if they are not members of the Brewers Association. After a while it's kinda fun to see how they react. NOTE: You might not want to tell them I called them a "Yokel". I'll have to research that one. I want to be prepared for the hate mail. Feel free to share your stories here. Cheers!

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