Monday, May 21, 2007

Save The Environment, Enjoy A Low-Stress Holiday Weekend, and Drink Great Beer With Lew Bryson

If you live in the Philadelphia area, why travel for Memorial Day weekend when you can stay close to home, drink good beer, and be in the company of some swell people?! Gas is too expensive (and not environment-friendly) and you wind up needing a vacation from your vacation most times anyway, right? So, here's the plan. Head over to Ortino's Northside. You've always been looking for an excuse to make your first trip to Ortino's, right? Take your pick. Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday. There's a different event each day. Between the predicted nice weather, the opening of their new outdoor beer garden, Dan Bengel, Lew Bryson, and the management and staff of Ortino's, I'll betchya have a great time, spend less money, and be more relaxed then if you went away for the weekend! Here's the tap list, according to Dan. Check their website (or Lew's) for updates. Session Summer Of Love Fest-Beer List As Of 5/16/07 Allagash White Appalachian Peregrine Pilsner Barley Creek Antler Brown Brooklyn Lager Dogfish Head Shelter Pale Ale East End Brewing Fat Gary Ale East End Brewing Wheat Hop Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale General Lafayette Pacific Pale Ale Iron Hill Belgium Pale Ale Lancaster Summer Rye Legacy Reading Pilsner Manayunk Brewing Belgian Farmhouse Ale Nodding Head Berliner Weisse Penn Pilsner Rock Bottom Sly Fox British Pale Ale Southampton Secret Ale Stoudt's Weizen Troegs Union Barrel Works Kolsch Victory Whirlwind Wit Weyerbacher Yards


Dan Bengel said...

I wouldn't check out the web site, it hasn't been updated in two years. It is good for directions and menus. For other stuff, go right to the blog. And thanks for your support! (They ought to make a wine cooler saying out of that.)

Bryan Kolesar said...

I think you should try to find some session wine coolers for this event ;-)