Monday, May 14, 2007

Poll: Do you listen to beer related podcasts?

We're interested in trying something new here at The Brew Lounge. We thought we would ask some questions to help us get a feel for your preferences. Our first question is over there ---> Please cast your vote! If you are having trouble seeing it. Try this instead...


chris said...

You should change your poll to be a little more flexible. Yes and no works more for a question along the lines of "Have you ever..." A simple suggestion, add a few more choices. Examples: "Yes, but not regularly", "I have but do not continue to do so." "I have not but am interested." "What is a podcast?"

For example, I rarely do, but I sometimes do, so I marked yes. Yes alone does not indicate my personal consumption level for beer podcasting. Yes does work very well for indicating my consumption level for beer, however.

Adam said...

Thanks for the feedback Chris. That helps a lot :-)

Instead of changing midstream, we'll just ride this one out and understand that there may be podcast listeners who regularly listen and some who seldom/rarely listen. For now that should be enough.

Here's to asking the right question!