Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thank You Mr. Curtin...

...for providing us with this awesome piece of information. It's one of those gems that adds to the experience of a Monk's dinner. As you've heard me tout this beer in the past, we can tick off yet another winner coming to the Philadelphia market. My luggage just got lighter!

Sean also brought along cans of his very good 21st Amendment IPA for all of us to sample at dinner's end and told me that he's planning to bring both into the Philadelphia market by year's end.


Loren said...

I heard Watermelon Wheat sucks.


21A rocks, period. Great summertime refresher, that beer is.

Now can the Double Trouble, will 'ya!

Bryan Kolesar said...

Ha! Judging from a lot of chatter floating 'round the Net lately, it's definitely a love it or hate it beer.