Sunday, May 13, 2007

Growing Hops: Pictures from a Sunny Weekend

Cascade Hops


Anonymous said...

Thanks Adam for the journey over the past year. I planted my first 6 hops last weekend. I'm glad I saw your posts as now I know how long I can expect to wait till I see the first shoots. I had assumed that I would see something in a week or two. Looks like I'll have to wait longer.
Question: How often do you use Miracle Grow ? Last year/this year.

Adam said...

Definitely check the Growing Hops collection if you haven't.

I only used it every so often. Somebody mentioned that it doesn't promote good root development. So you'll get lotsa action above ground, but, not as much underground. Dunno if that is true.

So sun, loamy soil, and frequent water is what they like. Hitting them with miracle grow every week or so seems to work for me.

I haven't used any miracle grow this year. Probably because I'm not obsessing as much as I was last year ;-)

Bill said...

Hi. I enjoyed your blog. I'm a homebrewer growing my own hops for the first time this year. I'm trying to let other hop growers know that I formed a Yahoo group for discussions _exclusively_ about growing hops and related matters such as trellis design, diseases, storage, etc.; we've recruited 190 members so far in just 15 days since we started our group, so this should provide a very large pool of knowledge and experience. We also have a database to coordinate the exchange of free hop rhizomes, plus lots of great links, photos, etc. If anyone is interested, please visit us at


Bill Velek