Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Boon Lambic at Monk's Cafe

Oh, what do we have here? Looks like if I can get a train into Philly at the right time, I'll be checking this out tonight. Boon Lambic, c'mon now! 5-7pm tonight. Here's something I picked up off BA's site. ============================================== We have to limit the # of accounts getting the Single Cask Oude Lambic due to the extremely limited quantity. We are rolling them out in series so the accounts can present it to their clients in the most enjoyable way. SO...Right now we have the following bars scheduled to get the kegs: May Publick House - Brookline, MA (22nd may) Monk's - Philly, PA (29 may) Moan & Dove - Amherst, MA (participation to be confirmed) June Spuyten Duyvil - Brooklyn, NY (date to be confirmed) Collins Bar - NYC (date to be confirmed) Brick Store - Decatur, GA (date to be confirmed) July Hop Leaf - Chicago, IL (date to be confirmed) September Lucky Baldwins - Pasadena, CA (date to be confirmed) Brouwers - Seattle, WA (date to be confirmed) Hope this helps. I will keep you posted when precise dates are set for the accounts above and as new accounts are added. The number of accounts country wide will probably not exceed 15. Don ==============================================

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