Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Poll: Wrap up!

The votes are in and we're proud to say there were no dangling chads! An overwhelming percentage of you appear to prefer our reviews of establishments, breweries, and events (62%). A good portion of you also enjoy our content related to homebrewing and hops growing (20%). Least interesting, based on tallied votes, are our beer tasting notes (8%). Coincidentally, these results mirror our own preferences. We enjoy getting out and doing things. Whether it's going to bars, breweries, or events and telling you about it or sharing experiences about growing hops and making homebrew, these are the types of things we find easiest and most enjoyable to write about. The tastings? Well, of course we love to taste beer. And, taking notes is not all that difficult. But, communicating the results? We both agree that tasting beer is such a personal experience that reading notes and reviews from other people can really only give you so much usable information. In the end, you need to taste the beer yourself and not worry whether we think it's citrus hoppy or grassy hoppy....caramelly, or biscuity. So, what will we do with this information? Seems like the best course of action at this point is to continue the status quo. Thanks for your input and continued support.

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