Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beer Tasting: Rogue Santa Private Reserve [2006]

yeah, this might be a bit out-of-season, but it was taking up room in our dusty draftbin. Come to think of it, still have one more left from 2005 and it might just taste good right around now.

The Beer: Rogue Santa's Private Reserve [2006]
Style: Red Ale (modified)
Reviews: Beer Advocate Rate Beer
Packaging & Date Stamping: 22 oz. brown bomber bottle; no date stamp

From where & how stored: Obtained via holiday beer exchanged and stored at 52F since then

Pricing: $x.xx

Availability: Winter seasonal

ABV, IBU, and Other Available Stats: 6% ABV, 44 IBU, 13 Plato
Bryan's Notes
The Look:
- reddish mahogany; santa-colored?!
- decent creamy head full of tiny bubbles that fades quickly
- drapes itself all over the walls

The Aroma:
- malt dominates the aroma and flavor
- hops are there but not in your face

The Taste:
- smoother, more well-rounded flavors than expected
- past years had been hoppier

The Verdict: This is a very nicely done beer where the flavors are consistent with the aroma and the hops and malt play nice together.

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