Monday, May 07, 2007

Smuttypalooza at The Blind Tiger in New York, NY

Ah, to be a New Yorker or to work in NYC (from today's Blind Tiger e-mail) ==================================================== This Wednesday, May 9th at 4:00PM at the Tiger (281 Bleecker St.) SMUTTYPALOOZA '07!!! The list: IPA Shoals Pale Ale Old Brown Dog Portsmouth Lager Robust Porter Summer Weizen A Really Old Brown Dog '07 Maibock '07 Barleywine '06 Barleywine Oak '05 Imperial Stout '06 S'muttonator Double Bock '05 Wheat Wine Ale '06 Big A IPA '05 Farmhouse Ale Sasion '05 Plus a pin of Shoal's Pale Ale with Simcoe treatments As always, I will be bringing out some of the finest cheeses from our friends at Murray's to pair with these great beers. Also, try the tacos! They are awesome. Just to keep you in the know... May 16th @ 4:00PM - a little Sierra love, we will be tapping the hard to get Stricklander Triple... May 23rd @ 4:00PM - Back to the Hamptons with Southampton Brewing Company (12 to 14 different taps)! May 29th & 30th @ 4:00PM - Pacific Northwest Rogue and Oyster Fest! A ton of great Rogue Ales and a ton of the finest Oysters from the Pacific Northwest... What a great month! Alan

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