Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Brewing Beer: Two Batches Fermented

The Strong California Style Cascade Amber Ale is now in a soda keg and the Strong German Style Ale is undergoing its second fermentation in another carboy. The brewing of these batches was mentioned here, here and here. There was mention of a brewing schedule, but, that is pretty much out the window. I'm in need of brewing ingredients again and some ball lock connector thing-a-ma-bobbers for the new (to me ) kegs I purchased. batch00000001 Strong California Style Cascade Amber Ale 6.5% batch00000010 Strong German Style Ale 7.4% I am surprised they taste so good. After all I didn't use any steeping grains. It's amazing how much character a liquid yeast can add to the taste. If you ever get the chance, make two yeast starters with two different yeasts using the same DME. Then when you're pitching one or both, taste them side by side. The California Ale yeast tasted so much different than the German Ale yeast in my experiment. How do batches 00000001 and 00000010 taste? Clean with sweet maltiness and pronounced hops, but, not overly bitter. Batch 00000001 is fruitier than the German ale. Both batches were hopped every ten minutes or so throughout the process. I just mixed all the hops together and split into six piles. Every ten minutes I added 1 sixth of the total hops. I'm not exactly sure what this does, but, my hunch is that it gives a full hops profile to the beer. Not too bitter and not too floral. Hey what do I know? I guess I could try and split a batch one of these days to discern the difference between hops timing methods. Or I could just drink it and do some more last minute brewing! We'll see. BTW you can thank Eli for the freakin' long binary names! ;-)

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