Thursday, May 24, 2007

Brewing Beer: First Pull from the Keg

I've been looking forward to this moment. The moment when I have a homebrew on tap again. The California Strong Ale is cloudy with yeast still in suspension and some pieces of hops leaves from the pellets floating around. (doesn't help that I've been shaking the keg to dissolve the CO2 faster) As time goes on the yeast and hops will settle out and the beer will get clearer.

Each day I check the beer for carbonation. Today it seems very cask like. Not much carbonation. I jacked up the pressure to 25 lbs. Disconnected it. Shook it. Connected it. Disconnected it. Shook it. Kinda like rinse, lather, repeat ;-)

So tomorrow it should be carbonated just right. Here's to a new keg of homebrew.


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