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Friday, May 12, 2006

Growing Hops: Chinook, Willamette, Hallertau & Cascade Planted

See what happened next -> It LIVES!!! - 1.5 inches
After much deliberation, figuring, refiguring and a beer or two I decided where to put the other six hops plants. I really wanted to put them someplace where they could grow 20 feet or so, but, that just wasn't practical. I decided to settle for 7 feet vertical and 4 feet or so horizontal. The next thing was to decide where the plants would go. I chose a corner of the yard to put up the supports for the trellis. These were 12' long pressure treated 4x4s. I sunk them about 2' into the ground using a manual post hole digger. They will stand about 7' on the high side and 8 on the low side. I used a line level and some contractors line to determine where to cut them so the tops would be level with each other. The supports/posts are setup in a triangle. I'll plant three plants on each of the two short sides. The hops will grow up the twine to cables at the top and then over the top to a line on the third side of the triangle. I'm hoping it will provide a nice shady place to sit in the heat of the summer. Trenches were dug about a foot deep where the hops rhizomes were to be planted. I kept the topsoil in one pile and the clay in another. Then I purchased some top soil and mixed that with the top soil I dug out and some sand. I saved the clay for another project. Next I planted the rhizomes about 3" to 4" deep and 2' apart for like varieties and a little more between the different varieties. Hopefully this will keep them separated enough for harvesting. I don't want to get the varieties mixed up during harvesting. I watered them well and then covered the trenches with about 2" of peat moss. It is supposed to rain over the next couple days if not more so that's good. We really need it here in Southeastern, PA. I'll probably use miracle grow to water them daily. I'm hopping for the best! ;-) NOTE: It did rain alot last night! Whooohoo!
See what happened next -> It LIVES!!! - 1.5 inches

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