Sunday, May 21, 2006

American Craft Beer Week: Sunday 5/21/06

Haven't been in touch with Bryan. I'm eager to hear what today brings for him. As for me, I'm coming home today. I'll stop at Marzoni's and Stoudt's on the way home. I'll post updates later. BRYAN's EDIT: Just a quick note to mention that on Saturday I stopped by Redbones BBQ (highly recommended for food, beer, atmosphere, and fun times) in Somerville, MA and John Harvard's just off of Harvard Square (recommended for decent beer and fun atmosphere). Then, on Sunday, to wrap up ACBW Cambridge Brewing Co. (highly recommended for beer, food, and atmosphere....and cask Tuesday's perhaps?!) in Cambridge, MA and Boston Beer Works (recommended for a wide variety of their beers, but most especially their baseball atmosphere) across from Fenway Park were the next victims on The Brew Lounge traveling tour. Of course, like Adam said, more to come on all of these establishments later.

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