Friday, May 19, 2006

American Craft Beer Week: Friday 5/19/06

Last night brought us on somewhat of a surprise visit to John Harvard's in Wayne. Thanks to Patty's colleague Wendall, we "rediscovered" John Harvard's. (He goes to the one in Media, PA quite a bit.) Both of us agreed that, in our minds (feeble as they are), John Harvard's has always just sort of "been there." I don't believe I've ever been JH's more than 5 times (in a few different locations). But, there's recently been a little buzz around this one here in Wayne. The buzz grew especially after John Rehm won a gold medal for his Alt beer at last year's GABF. So, after meeting John last night (and sharing in some of his bottled Bourbon Sue, ahem!) and other beer celebrities (you know who you are, don't you?!) and having a blast, Adam and I both agreed that we will be making more frequent visits to John Harvard's in the future (almost sounds like a separate review by itself, eh?) So, what's in store today? Good question..... Perhaps a Weyerbacher tasting at Beer Yard, Troegs tasting at Exton Beverage, a return trip to John Harvard's for the cask-conditioned Scottish ale, or a jaunt to Victory for a reprise of the Tripilsner. Hm, gotta pack for Boston too! What are you doing to celebrate?

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