Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Book Notes: The World Guide to Beer by Michael Jackson

The World Guide to Beer by Michael Jackson First Published in 1977 This copy published in 1987 Hard Cover John, a friend, found it at a garage sale. I've just thumbed through this so far and read a few pages. Ok, if you want a good beer book that provides an honest treatment of the subject you found it. Mr. Jackson's writing is superb. I love that his voice shows through so well. Not to mention his ability to convey a mountain worth of detail about every aspect of beer known to man. (can you tell I enjoy this book?) Then there's the illustrations and the images. I want to go to these places! This is a great coffee table book. I could spend hours just thumbing through it looking at the pictures. (picture me with beer and stupid look of awe while reading it) Seriously, check it out. Looks like you can get older prints for next to nothin'. I'll have to compare the new version to the old at some point. As a side note...If you haven't checked it out yet, you should jump over to his website, Beer Hunter. I've learned alot from it. Recently I read about bock beers there. He's also made some appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. His most recent one even caused a bit of a stir ;-) NOTE: I'm reading more and more of the book. I love this thing!


Adam said...


Thank you. Now I know what my wife can get me for Father's Day :-) Hey, I have three kids...maybe one of them can get me, "Whiskey". Another can get me, "Beer Companion". Hmmm...I need one more...heheh.

I can hear my daughter's teacher now...

"What did you get your father for Father's Day?"

Her response...


{Teacher cringes}


Bryan Kolesar said...

Stan didn't mention that your third selection could be his great book, "Brew Like A Monk".......but, I'm just sucking up ;-)