Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Beer & Cheese Pairing: Chimay

What started out as a beer and cheese pairing, turned out in the end to be just a beer tasting. Bryan was all excited to have all 3 Chimay beers and a wedge of the Chimay with Beer style cheese from...you guessed it....Chimay. The brewery's namesake also puts out 4 different types of cheeses and this one was available from our local Wegman's grocery store. But, Bryan, (alright now, enough of the third person) neglected for two weeks the cheese as it sat in my cheese drawer. Though it was still in its original wrapping, the damage had been done. I tasted this soft cheese, and the aroma and taste was just too putrid to allow Adam to try it. So, we simply moved on to the Red, White, and Blue tasting of Chimay's beers. Watch the next three days as we discuss our thoughts on these beers. p.s. The cheese and beer make a nice picture, eh :(

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