Monday, May 01, 2006

Brew Pub Visit: Iron Hill in Wilmington, Delaware

After a Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball game yesterday with my family we stopped to get a bite to eat at Iron Hill in Wilmington, DE. Since this was more of a family trip I decided not to take notes and just enjoy the visit. Up until now I have only been to the Iron Hill in West Chester, PA. I've been impressed with their combination of atmosphere, food and beer. Well the story is the same in Delaware. The atmosphere is open and airy with high ceilings, large windows and two outdoor seating areas, one downstairs and a deck upstairs. As you can see the brewing area appears bright, clean, and well kept. The food was good. Not a complaint from anybody in the family. It's not typical pub eats with burgers and fries. So if you're interested in something a little more than that check it out. (I'm not much of a food critic so we'll leave it at that ;-) The beer was good too. I'm pretty familiar with their six regular offerings so I opted to taste the only other option, a white beer. It was light, citrusy, well carbonated and clean. Not exactly my favorite, but, had more character than something like Blue Moon. I was hoping for a Maibock or something like that, but, hey I'm sure they'll sell lots of this kinda beer. While Iron Hill probably doesn't have the best atmosphere, the best food or the best beer, it does have something many places don't have. Good food, good atmosphere and good beer and in this case the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

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