Saturday, May 27, 2006

Beer Tasting: Sly Fox Pikeland Pils (can)

This is a pilsner style lager from Sly Fox in Phoenixville, PA. This 12 ounce can was one of two styles initially canned by Sly Fox. Our previous review of the Phoenix Pale Ale can be found here. Have you tasted this beer? Let us know what you think. As a suggestion, try to keep the review as brief as possible for each of the following: appearance; smell; taste; mouthfeel; and drinkability. Appearance Adam: straw in color, foamy but fades fast Bryan: very clear, pale, golden color; thin head fades quickly to just a very thin ring Smell Adam: stinky canned beer smell, let it breath and the hops come through...ahhh thats better Bryan: nothing remarkable; just a hint of noble hops Taste Adam: good hops profile, nothing like a macro would taste Bryan: something like a traditional lager but with a tad more flavor; though leaves just a slight harsh aftertaste; not offputting, but noticeable Mouthfeel Adam: clean, carbonated, crisp Bryan: very light, thin, easy on the mouth; not much carbonation Drinkability Adam: I agree with Bryan Bryan: it does appear to be a good hot weather, chugging beer Seconds? Adam: I could drink plenty of these Bryan: eh, maybe while playing softball or working around the yard; enjoyed the Phoenix Pale Ale in the can a bit more ADAM: I really need to say something here about the whole can thing. I mean it looks like a macro, initially smells like a macro in a can....but, it cleans up real nice to the nose and the palate. There is something psychological about the can thing. It isn't Green Light or Schaefer...heheh. I have a taste aversion to cans!!!! I can't help it. Ok...Ok...I'm feeling better now. Repeat after me, "Can not all bad. Sly Fox can beer good." I don't know its gonna take a while...I think.

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