Monday, May 15, 2006

American Craft Beer Week: Monday 5/15/06

What are you doing to celebrate? Here at The Brew Lounge, we chose to recognize the first day of ACBW by: - stopping by Victory Brewing in Downingtown, PA - purchasing a case of their Ten Years Alt - bringing home a growler of, hm let's see, maybe Tripilsner or Whirlwind Wit (the outcome will be revealed at a later time!) UPDATE: As per Ray Daniels, Director, Craft Beer Marketing, Brewers Association you have to visit the actual breweries so the Festival at Iron Hill, Media, PA is out of the question for some quick points. EDIT: OK Bryan, how many points do you have in the Great American Brew Tour? I have one point so far. Stopped over at McKenzie Brew House for an IPA. I wanted to try the English Ale, but, I was pressed for time. BRYAN EDIT: 2 points for Bryan. Victory's Tripilsner in the house and tasting like a lager with backbone! Might have to do a review on this one :)


Jeremy said...

Nice. Time for some beer drinkin! So how many points can you get if you attend the following...

6th Annual Brandywine Valley Craft Brewer’s Fest
Our 6th Annual event showcasing 25 of the region's premier craft brewers. Outdoor event held in lot adjacent to our Media location. 30 East State Street, Media 19063. 1PM – 5PM. Rain or shine. Live music all day. Purchase $25 tickets prior to event online or $30 tickets day of event.Order tickets online:

Adam said...

Heheh...uhhh...good question. I emailed the head of the Brewers Assoc. to find out. Oh...this just in....this is considered cheating....oh...well I'll have to tell Jeremy. Nope doesn't count...sorry... ;-) JK

I honestly don't know if festivals count. I'll let you know if he gets back to me.

Bryan Kolesar said...

I highly recommend the Iron Hill festivalin Media. If I was in town, I would certainly be there. Media knows how to put on a good festival, too. Make sure to check them out for their Blues Stroll in June. Dukes of Destiny will be playing at Iron Hill! (can't miss)