Monday, May 15, 2006

Beer Sites: Basic Brewing Radio

I'm sure this will not be news to many of you. However, in the spirit of spreading the good word and reciprocating James' support, it's worth a quick note here about the great work that Basic Brewing Radio is doing in the realm of homebrewing. James does a weekly podcast focusing on various aspects of the brew at home hobby. Occasionally, he will bring in a guest for an interview. Particularly interesting and outstanding was his recent episode of 4/27/06 in which he interviewed Stan Hieronymus.....excellent insight into the world of Belgian beers as only Stan can do. Also, Adam and I gleaned some good information about growing hops (which if you follow us closely, you know was a project that we recently embarked upon) from the 4/6/06 episode. Plus, completely from a self-centered point-of-view, he mentioned Brew Lounge on his most recent 5/4/06 episode and we've been getting some decent referral traffic from that.....nice bump! Thanks James and keep up the great work! p.s. Remember!! You do not need an iPod to listen to podcasts. If you don't have a portable music device, just simply go to the website and simply listen to the mp3 file through something like Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or something like it on your PC.

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Thanks for the good word, Bryan! Cheers!