Monday, May 08, 2006

Beer Tasting: Summit Maibock

This is a Maibock style lager from Summit brewery of St. Paul, Minnesota. This 12 ounce bottle was included in a bock variety case from Beer Yard in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Have you tasted this beer? Let us know what you think. As a suggestion, try to keep the review as brief as possible for each of the following: appearance; smell; taste; mouthfeel; and drinkability. Appearance Adam: golden amber, quickly disappating head Bryan: pale golden color; thin small bubbled head Smell Adam: sweet malty lager, earthy Bryan: pleasantly sweet lager-like malt aroma Taste Adam: fruity lager, slightly bitter, almost lives up to the nose Bryan: good solid base malts coming through; nothing special, though Mouthfeel Adam: carbonated well, coats mouth Bryan: medium body with medium carbonation; it builds in body and flavor as it moves through the mouth Drinkability Adam: a little heavy and otherwise average maibock Bryan: good for while doing some light work around the house; 7% ABV....really? Seconds? Adam: maybe a second...not sure Bryan: sure, why not?

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