Friday, May 05, 2006

Beer Words: Maibock

It might be apparent to some of you with better language skill than me, but, I just found out that Maibock means bock style beer brewed in the month of May. I recently tasted a Bethlehem Brew Works Maibock and realized I didn't know much about Maibock. Funny how each season brings a new understanding of beer. Here are some bock styles from Wikipedia. Maibock (brewed for the month of May) Eisbock (ice bock) Weizenbock (wheat bock) Doppelbock (double bock). ... And as I was searching around I found this article from Michael Jackson with some more background. It talks about goats, so be sure not to miss it...heheh. Speaking of goats there is at least one other reference to goats on our site. I won't make you search for it, since you are so into goats. I mean you must be you're still reading.
Anybody else want to chime in on the bock style? Hopefully we'll get to post something about the collection of bock style beer we recently purchased. I've tasted about 6 of the 10 or so and they are very interesting. Hint: About the goat, follow the Fox ;-)

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Bryan Kolesar said...

Check out episode 38 at

Jeff and Greg tasted 3 Maibocks: Stoudt's (PA); Hofbrau (Germany); Rogue Dead Guy (OR)

They did a great usual.