Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Beer Words: Beer Belly

I was going to post a picture of my belly, but, well you know why I didn't...heheh. I just like to say it, "beer belly". Tonight I searched around the internet for "beer belly". I was shocked! It seems that there is no direct correlation between drinking beer and the beer belly. (it must be true if its on the web right!?) Of course there are some theories about indirect correlations. One is that you are more likely to eat high calorie and fatty foods when you drink a beer. I could see that. Nothing like some hot chips from Blairs with a Hop Devil. Another theory deals with the public perception or rather mis-perception. For instance how many times have you seen a big bellied guy with a beer in his hand on in the media? That type of image is what possibly helps us associate beer drinking and the proverbial beer gut. Nice image huh? This is all very interesting. I'm not a doctor and I don't have the answers, but, I think I'll have to chalk this one up to, "You learn something new everyday." Today I learned that it isn't so simple to link beer drinking and a beer belly. Anybody care to "weigh in"? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is rather naive, but I would figure consuming enough calories of any form would give you a "beer belly". And beers definitely have calories.

Now why it's called a "beer belly" and not a "hot dog belly" or "fried cheese belly" or what-have-you, who knows.

Adam said...

Hey...I'm with you! I honestly think I have a sit behind a desk and do nothin' stomach. Off to the gym!