Sunday, May 21, 2006

Beer Travels: Marzoni's and Stoudt's

I did stop at both Marzoni's and Stoudt's. I hadn't been to either of them before. Of course again I was a bit skeptical of Marzoni's for the same reasons I was skeptical of JBC. Again I was proven wrong. :-) I'll write it up. Ummm...I should probably finish the Otto's post first though . Oh yeah, Stoudt's...I have had their beer many...many times and today's experience was outstanding. By the way Bryan was right. The Double Blonde Maibock is better on tap.
So...we're bringing the American Craft Beer Week to a close. Thanks to my wife and family for supporting me and coming with me to some of the stops especially the ones we hit today :-)

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Nate said...

Adam - Nice to meet you yesterday at Marzoni's. This is a nice blog you and Bryan have here and I look forward to reading about more of your travels. Glad to see you enjoyed Marzoni's, my 'local' brewpub.