Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Growing Hops: Collection of Posts

I'm gathering all the "growing hops" posts here. I'll put a link to this post over there on the right to make it easier to find. In the list of links below you will find pictures of hops plants as they grow in my backyard from rhizomes to full bines!. I also have notes on how I built a trellis and plan to grow, harvest, dry and finally brew beer with the hops cones. I have never done this before so let me know if you have any suggestions :-) 2007 Hop Season
  • Pictures after 5 Weeks
  • 3 Feet after 3 Weeks
  • Welcome back little fellows
  • 2006 Growing Hops
    If you're interested in where I grow these hops, we are in Southeastern, Pennsylvania.


    Bryan Kolesar said...

    Do you think we could make a "24-esque" show out of this growing hops series ;-)

    You know, take hour-by-hour, day-by-day pictures with riveting commentary. Stealth attacks by the dogs trying to pee on them, rabbits trying to eat them. Then, you could play Jack Bauer trying to foil their evil plans. Buhahahahah.

    (sorry, I must be a little sleep-deprived this morning!)

    Adam said...

    Damn! You figured it out. I'll share the footage with you now that you know ;-)