Sunday, May 14, 2006

Glassware: More from Bryan's Cabinet

Lest ye think I only have those specialty-type glasses, here's a peek at some of the more interesting "other" glassware (mostly typical pint glasses) from which I enjoy the fine brew that I drink. Here's a listing from left-to-right, roughly speaking, with any interesting notes along the way. Stay tuned in the near future for information of how we are getting this set up in Flickr so that you can also add your own pictures of glassware and growlers. - Smuttynose - Southampton Secret Ale - Carolina Brewery - Grizzly Peak - Lowenbrau (from a corner tavern in Heidelberg, Germany almost 20 years ago) - Victory Lager - Victory Hop Devil (one of my favorite logos) - The Drafting Room - Heartland Brewery - Church Brew Works - "All American Sports Fan" (my Dad's beer glass; 25 years ago; "here's to you Dad!") - Dock Street - City Steam - Fat Head's - Lancaster Brewing - Top of the Hill - Stone 10th Anniversary commemorative (beautiful glass, thanks Matt!) - Bass - Old Harbor Brewery

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